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Launchpads, Wikis, and Specs! Oh my!

So, I've installed the latest Ubuntu and Edubuntu Betas on my laptop. I've also got an extra stick of ram on the way to go into a test box.

I like the look and feel of the Dapper. It's slick.

I've also set up accounts on Launchpad and Ubuntu's wiki. I've started on the specs for my project. I hope to have them finished within the next few days.

Amenity is an activity management system. I chose the name Amenity mainly for the beginning letters AM, but also for it's meaning. Amenity is something that I hope will add value to Edubuntu.

Pike is a quiz/exam system. It is based on my pet project Pyq. I changed the name because I feel that Pike is a better name for an Edubuntu application.

More updates to come...


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