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SoC - Progress Report - 5.31.2006

I believe my specs for Amenity and Pike are ready to be reviewed. If they need more work, then I will work on them some more, but until then I will be coding.

I've had trouble getting access to the bzr repo on Launchpad. I'm not sure if it's because of my inexperience or something to do with my public SSH key. Hopefully that I can resolve this soon, as version control is very important (understatement of the year).

In the mean time, I've got some code started on my laptop. It's looking very promising.

The half-gig of ram I ordered came in the mail today, so now the Dell box laying around can actually run a window manager. It will make a great test box. I'm actually posting from that box right now. I renamed it Zorg, keeping with my naming scheme. So, I have my Toshiba Tecra named Korben. My PowerBook G4 from CCT named Leeloo. A Dell box named Zorg. And my Linksys router with ESSID Fifth Element.

The first thing I installed after Ubuntu and Edubuntu was Synergy. __Awesome__.

Sleep now. Code tomorrow. Also, I need to get my stitches from last Monday removed... I'm still deciding whether I should do that myself or not.


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