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Amenity Progress Report

In the past few days I've made a lot of progress with Amenity's Teacher Interface.

Through the interface you can now,
  • Create, edit, and delete class rosters
  • Create, edit, copy, and delete activity sequences
  • Create, start, and stop sessions
This involved writing two Gnome Druids (several hundred lines of Python). I tried to use Glade to create the Druids, but there's something about Python's Glade support. It doesn't seem to use gnome.ui to create the Druid, and I was unable to put the Edubuntu logo on the edge pages of the Druid it created. Creating the Druid's without Glade wasn't a big deal, as it gave me a chance to do some heavy PyGTK coding.

I've been working a lot this week, anywhere from 8-12 hours a day. I'll probably work half days tomorrow (big party tomorrow night) and Sunday. Next, I'm going to start working on the Student Interface so that I can see if the session connections work correctly.


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