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Inching Along

I've been able to keep my progress with Amenity steady. I extremely happy (and lucky) to not have come across a huge obstacle yet (knock on wood). My latest commit to the devel-main branch contains improvements to the session monitor view and the newly coded session student view.

The session monitor view shows a tree of activities and an activity view. The activity rows expand to show which students are currently connected to it. This information is updated dynamically through Pyro's Event Service. Clicking on any of the activity rows will display information for the activity.

The session student view shows a tree of students and an information view. The student rows expand to show a list of the activities in the session. Clicking on one of these activities will show information for that activity for that student. For example, clicking on a Vote Activity row for a student will display the activity status (not completed, in progress, or completed) and the vote of the student (if it is completed).

I also reworked the way event information is published through the Pyro Event Service. This removed some complexity in the student client code. I should also be able to remove some unnecessary methods from some of the classes thanks these changes.

Here's a short list of things I'll be working on over the next two days:
  • Connecting Pyro events to methods to dynamically update the session info views.
  • Cleaning up how some of the information is displayed in some of the session info views.
  • Handling what happens when a student finishes all activities in the session. Currently nothing happens.
The list is short for two reasons. One reason is because I cannot really remember everything left to do off the top of my head, and the other is because I'm slowly running out of things to do. This list shouldn't take too long to finish, but I should be able to add things to it as I test the program.

Tomorrow is another full day of working followed by a Jazz concert at the campus theater, a trip to Hershey's ice cream store, and a round of Apples to Apples with some friends.

Saturday is going to be an all day hack-a-thon in the Undergraduate Research Lab on campus (8 am - 7 pm) followed by a trip to Highland Coffees.

I'm taking Sunday off to take Wendy to dinner and a movie.

Next week is the first evaluation of Summer of Code. During the week I'll continue working towards finishing Amenity.



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