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Scheduled Outage

I'm a little surprised by how much progress I've made in the past three weeks. If I can keep up this pace, I may be able to finish Amenity ahead of schedule.

I am going home this weekend to visit family, which means I won't have wireless access for my notebook. I am going to spend some of my time at home cleaning up my code (some of it is a little messy from testing and quick bug fixing) and adding more documentation to the modules. So after committing those changes Sunday night, my code should look a lot better.

Next week is all about feature completion. I want to finish as much as I can next week. I am going to try to get some guys and gals together for a Hack-a-thon on next Saturday and sprint to finish as much as I can before the first evaluation.

If this plan works out, I can spend the evaluation week putting the finishing touches on Amenity (almost a week earlier than I planned) and start working on Pike.

I've also noticed that my posts end rather abruptly. I need some kind of catch phrase to go out on or something like that.



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