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SoC - Progress Report - 3 Weeks Before First Evaluation

Now I have my code in a bzr repository (bazaar.launchpad.net/~ryan.rousseau/py-education/devel-main if you have a LP account). Also, there are new mockups for the Sequence and Quiz editors on their respective wiki entries.

Over the past few days I've also realized some limitations of Pyro. Including one which I spent two days trying to get around. The problem has to do with Event Subscribers that aren't on the same machine as the Event Server. I've found out through the Pyro mailing list that there is a way to solve the problem, but it may cost me a few days of work. After talking to Jerome, we decided it would be best to target this release to run on the LTSP setup, and that solving this problem would be a bonus or something for after SoC.

The current plan is to continue work on Amenity as planned. It's three weeks until the midterm evaluation for SoC, which a lot of people on the SoC list have pointed out is actually a little earlier than halfway through the program. I plan on having Amenity done by the first week in July, so by the 26th of June, I should have the majority of the Amenity finished.

Tomorrow, I hope to get a lot more of the internal code and models done, so that I can start working on the interface starting Wednesday or Thursday.

Also, tomorrow is the infamous 6.6.06 (spooky) and I will be going to see The Omen. I know it will probably be horrible, but it couldn't be any worse than The DaVinci Code.


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