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Amenity First Release!

Today I fixed all of the UI bugs I could find. End result: the first release of the pyeducation library and Amenity!

The files are hosted at my SourceForge project page. Here are the individual files:
Amenity depends on Pyro and M2Crypto (both in the Universe I think), so running `sudo apt-get install pyro m2crypto` is required first.

Then you can install the pyeducation package and the amenity package. The amenity package includes the amenity-server script, which is useful if you want one computer to be the central Amenity host.

Then you can install amenity-teacher, amenity-client, or both to test drive the app.

Right now there are no formal instructions on how to use the program, but I'm working on that. But in general to get started you need to:
  1. Create a Class Roster
  2. Create an Activity Sequence
  3. Create a Session
  4. Start a Session
  5. Have student clients connect to your session.
I'd enjoy to hear any feedback or comments about my work so far.



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