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Latest Progress

I committed my latest changes this morning. The improvements made since the last commit are staggering. Long story short: Amenity works! All the activities and interactions with them are functional. I got Marc to test the student client on a separate machine yesterday. It was the coolest (and most satisfying) thing to watch Amenity transfer a file from his notebook to mine over Pyro. He gave me some good comments about the UI, which I'll be working on today.

So it works, what's left to finish (that I can remember at this moment)?
  • Said changes to the UI
  • Hunting and fixing the bug in the Student Client that keeps the Event Listener from stopping when a student disconnects.
  • Add something so that when a session is stopped, connected clients are alerted so that they may cleanly disconnect (not hang).
  • Add a way for teachers to send a message to a single student or all students (optional)
  • Add a way for students to go back and complete activities that the teacher adds to the session's sequence (In the event that a teacher adds an activity in the middle of the sequence after students have already passed that point in the sequence).
  • Add "open dir" and "open file" to File Submission views, so that a teacher can open files that have been submitted.
How long will this take? Not too long (I hope). Most of these changes are trivial. I should be able to get most of them today. Tomorrow is Independence Day so I'll only be working a half day or so. It's safe to say that I should have these changes finished by Wednesday.

I should probably start working on those changes now.



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