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Quick Update

I thought I would post a quick update to my work today.

My list of things to do from my last post now looks like:
  • Said changes to the UI
  • Hunting and fixing the bug in the Student Client that keeps the Event Listener from stopping when a student disconnects.
  • Add something so that when a session is stopped, connected clients are alerted so that they may cleanly disconnect (not hang).
  • Add a way for teachers to send a message to a single student or all students (optional)
  • Add a way for students to go back and complete activities that the teacher adds to the session's sequence (In the event that a teacher adds an activity in the middle of the sequence after students have already passed that point in the sequence).
  • Add "open dir" and "open file" to File Submission views, so that a teacher can open files that have been submitted.
  • Help files and help menu item. (newly added to list).
I've been working on the UI changes, and that will soon be crossed out. As for the message sending, I think I may postpone that until the second release. I'd like to have help files made, and I've looked into using conglomerate to make them. I think I may also save this for a second release, because I rather spend the time coding Pike than writing the help files. I can write the help files later after the applications are finished.

But a friend from Austin is in and we are going to shoot some pool for a while.



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