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Update, Impeccable Logic, Pulp Fiction, The Boondock Saints, Vigilantism, and The Dark Knight


Made a lot of progress yesterday in the lab. Using the student client one can now log into a session, answer the questions, submit answers and receive a grade. The grades and other information are saved in the quiz so that the teacher can view that information. I feel like I have a redundancy problem though. The scores are saved in the roster (so you can view information for each student), in the quiz (so you can view information based on the quiz), and some information will need to be stored in the session info (so you can have session based info). Some of the information is duplicated. It works but it seems like there may be a better way. I'll continue thinking about it, I may come up with a SQLite solution if I think it'll be a better way.

I also fixed that bug (that I'm embarrassed I didn't notice earlier) in the Amenity Student Client.

So progress is good. It's all coming together beautifully.

Impeccable Logic

I've been wanting to set up a website for a while, but I haven't been able to come up with a domain name. I don't want ryanrousseau.whatever. Last night while watching one of the movies I made some snarky comment and John replied that I was using impeccable logic. That's it! That's the domain name I've been waiting for. So today I signed up with dreamhost (I've heard both good and bad things about them, and I have 97 days to claim a refund if I don't like it). So my new site is Impeccable Logic and will be under construction for a while. But I'm going to be hosting py-education along with my other projects there (I'll still use LP for bzr and bug tracking and SF for file hosting and such).

Pulp Fiction and The Boondock Saints

So some of my friends and I watched Pulp Fiction for the first time last night. And in turn I made them watch The Boondock Saints for the first time. Pulp Fiction was a very interesting (and very good movie). So I guess that's why it's mentioned all the time. The Boondock Saints is one of my favorite movies, hands down. Sure, a lot of it can be called cheesy or a Quentin Tarantino wannabe, but it's still awesome. Some scenes are just so hilarious ("Is that right Rambo?").


The controversial topic covered by The Boondock Saints seems to strike a chord with a lot of people. A lot of people will say they are against it (we have a legal system after all), but inside at some level I think everyone has a little vigilante in them. The legal system doesn't always work (anyone can see that). I think that at least subconsciously everyone has thought to themselves that "something" should be done (you know what that something is, if you don't know then you need to watch The Boondock Saints). Watch or read A Time to Kill and try to say you would do the same thing that Carl Lee did. You can't.

Why? The idea of going out and giving evil men what they deserve has been ingrained into our minds ever since we were little. Growing up we are enchanted by the idea of Superheros. Every superhero is a vigilante, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, all of them. That's what makes vigilantism so attractive. You, yourself, could be like a superhero. And of course some of us find ourselves gravitating towards the darker superheros (Batman (who I still proclaim is not a superhero, just a rich guy with a bunch of toys - kung fu is not a super power), Punisher, Daredevil).

The problem with vigilantism is, of course, how does a vigilante choose who deserves their justice? That and the fact that some terrorist groups kill innocent people under the guise of vigilantism.

So go, and watch The Boondock Saints, you'll be glad that you did. And if you need more home grown justice check out some of these movies.

The Dark Knight

Since I brought up Batman (not a superhero), I'd like to share what I've found out. They are filming a sequel to Batman Begins titled The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger is slated to play The Joker. I'm not a huge Heath Ledger fan, but I can picture him as the Joker. Also Harvey Dent (Two Face) is supposed to be introduced (pre-accident) and it's rumored that Philip Seymour Hoffman will play The Penguin. I'm looking forward to it.


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