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SoC - Progress Report - 5.31.2006

I believe my specs for Amenity and Pike are ready to be reviewed. If they need more work, then I will work on them some more, but until then I will be coding.

I've had trouble getting access to the bzr repo on Launchpad. I'm not sure if it's because of my inexperience or something to do with my public SSH key. Hopefully that I can resolve this soon, as version control is very important (understatement of the year).

In the mean time, I've got some code started on my laptop. It's looking very promising.

The half-gig of ram I ordered came in the mail today, so now the Dell box laying around can actually run a window manager. It will make a great test box. I'm actually posting from that box right now. I renamed it Zorg, keeping with my naming scheme. So, I have my Toshiba Tecra named Korben. My PowerBook G4 from CCT named Leeloo. A Dell box named Zorg. And my Linksys router with ESSID Fifth Element.

The first thing I installed after Ubuntu and Edubuntu was Synergy. __Awesome__.

Sleep now. Code tomorrow. Also, I need to get my stitches from last Monday removed... I'm still deciding whether I should do that myself or not.


Launchpads, Wikis, and Specs! Oh my!

So, I've installed the latest Ubuntu and Edubuntu Betas on my laptop. I've also got an extra stick of ram on the way to go into a test box.

I like the look and feel of the Dapper. It's slick.

I've also set up accounts on Launchpad and Ubuntu's wiki. I've started on the specs for my project. I hope to have them finished within the next few days.

Amenity is an activity management system. I chose the name Amenity mainly for the beginning letters AM, but also for it's meaning. Amenity is something that I hope will add value to Edubuntu.

Pike is a quiz/exam system. It is based on my pet project Pyq. I changed the name because I feel that Pike is a better name for an Edubuntu application.

More updates to come...


Summer of Python

Code all
Summer for
Open Source Software
Thanks to Google and Ubuntu.

I like fibs.

So, it's official. I am accepted into Google's Summer of Code. I will be coding Python for Ubuntu Linux (specifically Edubuntu) for three months.

More information will be posted on a later post, and of course, all of my progress will be tracked here.


I Highly Recommend Having Your Head Cut Open

So, I had surgery Monday. I was born with a cyst on the top of my head. I had it removed five years ago, and it grew back. I finally decided to have it removed again. Most of what was removed was scar tissue, but there was some form of a cyst there.

The procedure took less than an hour. It was done in the doctor's office, not a hospital. I was given local anesthetics. Which means I was awake for the whole thing. I didn't feel very much after the first few shots of anesthetic. From what I've been told, one of the needles bent on my scalp. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Now, I have five stitches holding my scalp together. I have to find someone to remove those next week. I'm sure the Student Health Center could do it. Maybe I'll do it myself. Maybe I'll sell raffle tickets and the winner gets to remove them.

My surgeon was cool enough to let my mom and friend take pictures. So you can go here to see the whole set of surgery pictures. A lot of them are blurry, but still worth a look. Also, I have a pretty nice (bloody) video of the surgery if you have the good fortune to catch me in person.


Final Grades - Spring '06

So judgment day has passed. Four A's and a single B. That doesn't sound bad unless you know that the B is in the introductory Biology lab. But then again, the A's are in 4000 level Math, CSC and 3000 level Engineering classes. I am pleased with myself overall.

Up next week: Surgery on Monday and Summer of Code announcements on Tuesday.


Let Freedom Ring

Today, I had my last two finals of the semester, IE 3302: Engineering Statistics and MATH 4025: Optimization Theory. Today, I experienced four hours of pure brutality. But now, I am free from school...

Until August 28th.


Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

It is the end of an era.

Somehow, I've managed to complete 75% of my undergraduate career studying computer science without having a blog. But due to recent and, hopefully, future developments, it seems that this will be a beneficial move.

It is the beginning of an era.